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Basics: Lambda Linq

Introduction As there are many introductions out there that explain what LINQ and lambdas are, I’m not going to delve to deeply into that subject. Essentially, they are quick hand ways of writing instructions on lists. The most common of those instruction are filtering, selecting and ordering. This tutorial has been written with a combination […]

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Are sub-queries truly isolated?

Sub-queries are just standard queries which are nested inside of other queries. Sub queries are generally isolated and can’t access the parent queries, but certain circumstances allow for us to access parent query data. I came across a need for such a circumstance when I was trying find missing monthly data for which relate to […]

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Bad Code: _dog as Animal

I recently came across a post which gave an example of poorly written code, which the person used in job interviews. His strategy was sound, as he didn’t expect people not to be stumped by the code but rather wanted to see how people would act when they came across such code. The code was […]

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